Geographic Tongue, LLC Learning through Travel, Language, and Song
Geographic Tongue, LLC Learning through Travel, Language, and Song

Education Materials

Geographic Tongue, LLC provides free downloads of educational tools giving parents, teachers, and children fun ways to explore wildlife and culture through the virtual travels of Rita the Bird Dog. Suggested lesson plans for each geographic area are available to aid teachers in incorporating the books, crafts, coloring sheets, maps, color photographs, and English, Spanish, and German vocabulary into their coursework. 


Lesson Plans/Vocabulary

Sonoran Desert


Sonoran Desert Pictures and Vocabulary   (PDF File)

Sonoran Desert Vocabulary Grid for Audio    (PDF File)


Saguaro, Sahuaro, Sah-wah-roh

Saguaro Lesson Plan    (Microsoft Word)

Saguaro Lesson Plan    (PDF File)


Meet My Desert Friends

Meet My Desert Friends Lesson Plan   (Microsoft Word)

Meet My Desert Friends Lesson Plan   (PDF File)


Rita the Bird Dog Travels the Great Plains


Great Plains Pictures and Vocabulary (PDF File coming soon)

Great Plains Vocabulary Grid for Audio   (PDF File)

Great Plains/Tall Grass Prairie Lesson Plan    (Microsoft Word)

Great Plains/Tall Grass Prairie Lesson Plan    (PDF File)  


Rita the Bird Dog Hikes the Rocky Mountains


Rocky Mountains Lesson Plan   (Microsoft Word)

Rocky Mountains Lesson Plan   (PDF file)


Arts, Crafts, Activities

Sonoran Desert


Saguaro Craft   (PDF File)

Prickly Pear Craft   (PDF File)

Desert Friends Coloring Sheets   (PDF File)

Sonoran Desert Map   (PDF File)


Great Plains/Tall Grass Prairie


Indian Headdress Craft   (PDF File)

Buffalo Headdress Craft   (PDF File)

Great Plains Coloring Sheets   (PDF File)

Great Plains Map    (PDF File)


Rocky Mountains


Rocky Mountain Coloring Sheets   (PDF File)

Rocky Mountain Map   (PDF File)


Rita the Bird Dog Puzzle  (PDF File)



Audio files of native speakers reciting vocabulary in English, Deutsch (German), and Español (Spanish) coming soon!