Geographic Tongue, LLC Learning through Travel, Language, and Song
Geographic Tongue, LLC Learning through Travel, Language, and Song

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Geographic Tongue, LLC was founded in 2009 with a focus on providing parents and teachers fun ways for K-8 children to explore wildlife, geography, history, and culture. We have enjoyed the opportunity to share our books through special events, as well as helping teachers and students preserve initial works through special publication efforts. We also appreciate the reviews/testimonials of our followers!


Through the eyes of Rita the Bird Dog, the science and nature books explore different geographic areas. Fiction books include mythology from different cultures mixed with historical events.


Rhymes     *     Songs     *     Craft projects     *     Color photography         

  English, Deutsch (German), and Español (Spanish) vocabulary     *     Mythology     *     History     




"Saguaro, Sahuaro, Sah-wah-roh" is a fun, innovative, diverse way to expose children to a variety of topics. Children of all ages can benefit from varied opportunities ranging from enjoying the rhyming, song and pictures, through learning language and vocabulary, to spring-boarding into exploring geographic areas and different cultures.” - Sherrie C., high school teacher, Westminster, Colorado

“I like (the) book “Saguaro, Sahuaro, Sah-wah-roh,” the script, and the way (it) is designed. The pictures are appealing and speak. This could be good for teaching English as a second language up through the lower grades of high school.” Maren J., German immersion teacher, Tucson, Arizona

“Karla Lehmann’s book, "Saguaro, Sahuaro, Sah-wah-roh," contains more information than most young children's books. It includes a glossary of terms, various language translation, song and rhyming, genuine photographs. The book is a commemorative to Rita the Bird Dog, who has been immortalized as the main character to travel with children through the book, all while educating the reader on the Sonoran Desert. Considering the target audience of the book, the information is nicely comprehensive and leaves more for curious minds to ponder.” Hillary B., Family Studies teacher, Phoenix, Arizona

'Rita the Bird Dog“ is a great book to teach children about typical plants and animals in the Sonoran desert, as well as it gives a good approach to different languages. With its rhymes and songs it captures children very easily as they follow the dog on its travel. The combination of the fictive Dog Rita and those gorgeous photographs makes this beautifully produced book very special. It belongs in every children’s library as it offers a lot of opportunities for discussions with children and hence it helps them learning in a ludic way.” Sabine H., Certified Social Pedagogue, Germany

“Saguaro, Sahuaro, Sah-wah-roh" is an excellent source of cultural education and entertainment. Families can benefit by learning from the many diverse aspects of this book by enjoying the trilingual dialog and exploring travel, photography, and song.” Allison B., Certified Child Life Specialist, Tucson, AZ


“I just read the book and will give it a high rating. There are many elements that would appeal to the young reader:
1) Learning to read and pronounce words in another language;
2) The clever positioning of the dog would hold interest;
3) The actual photographs give the story authenticity;
4) Children love rhymes;
5) The colors, paper and covers all are appealing.
This will be a winner and kids will hope for more.
Good luck!” Carol C., retired 3rd grade teacher, Bemidji, Minnesota


"I find the book a delightful way to introduce children to reading and language not only during a story time, but also through content areas such as Social Studies and Science. Karla's introduction of ... language in her books gives children the opportunity to hear, see and explore ... languages which is so important in our world today. The author's notes give useful background information ... along with the vocabulary list to explain unfamiliar names, places and objects to the children." Debbie H., retired Early Childhood and Language Arts Resource Teacher, Tucson, AZ


"Mrs. Lehmann read her book to my preschool class. They enjoyed the story of Rita and the dog's travels. The children could identify with the animals, birds and plants mentioned in the book. After reading the story, she taught them a song about Rita and the class immediately loved and responded with their singing and clapping." Sue G. preschool teacher and former director, Tucson, AZ


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